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I know it has been awhile since I updated, but thank you for reminding me Cindy and Kristen!  Since my last post I have joined Ravelry (id:  Whiskey), 2 sock clubs, 2 holiday sock clubs and started at least 5 projects.  Needless to say I have lots to update, but I have to break it up, as I just don’t have the willpower to sit down and do it all at once!

The Kentucky State Fair was in August and I won first place!  I am so excited, granted it was only $2 gain (less than that when I get the tax bill at the end of the year), but it was a fun experience.  Here it is under the glass at the Fair:

First Place Under Glass

At home sitting on the chair:

Entrelac on chair

I have lots of beautiful pictures of other fair entries that I will post over the coming days and also some other things I have been working on.


July 4th Surprise

I am at my parents house and I decide that I will run out to the car to check on that yarn that I bought to make myself a fair isle hot water bottle cover that my mom has now decided to make for me for Christmas (got that?).  I noticed when I got out to my car that the glove box and console had been torn through and everything left on the seats.  I went back inside and asked who had gone through my car and not put everything back.  Judging from the blank stares I was getting I put my money on no one and went back outside.  Upon a closer examination the dashboard console had been popped off and someone had tried to get my stereo, but didn’t succeed.

 WTF?!?!?!?!  This is supposedly a safe neighborhood.  All night long I thought of stuff I was missing and came up with about $1,300 in missing items.  They even took my brand new Mason Dixon Buttonhole bag and I hadn’t even gotten a picture.  Now I don’t even have a camera so there wouldn’t be a pic forthcoming anyway.

 The only funny side to this whole incident was when the Prospect police came out and when I told them it was a handknit bag the officer proceeding in asking all sorts of technical knitting questions since his wife knits.  Was it made of wool, felted and/or worsted weight?  His partner was looking at him as though he was crazy!  It was hilarious.

This whole incident really burned my biscuits!

KY State Fair Project

If you have read my blog previously then you know about my entrelac ambitions.  I learned how to do the entrelac pattern through a class at my LNS on a gorgeous hat.  I started on the scarf and …

 Well, I had these high ambitions (isn’t that always the start of a huge downfall?) that I would finish my scarf before the summer was out, so to make me meet this deadline I decided I would enter the Kentucky State Fair in the Knitted Hat and Scarve competition.  Believe it or not I actually made my deadline of the beginning of July to finish the project.  To prove it here is a pic:

Entrelac Scarf - Completed

Now all that needs to be finished is the blocking, which I am going to have to do in three sections.  Due to the fact taht the Noro Silk Garden, while gorgeous, can go from fingering weight to worsted and back again and the additional factoid that I went from a tight knitter to a loose one overnight while working on this project, no two spots are the same width.  Therefore, I am having to make sure I pin it tightly and steam it hard.  One good thing that came out of this ferocious blocking is that my bag which I thought was really ugly previously has not flattened out and no longer needs to be backed.  Here is a blocking pic:

Entrelac Scarf - Blocked

Now that the scarf was out of the way I focused on the brim of the hat thinking it would be a piece of cake.  Alas, my foolish dreams came to naught.  I rolled it, folded it, twisted it, anything you can think of I probably did it!  Nothing looked right, so I took the drastic route and cut the brim in half.  I carefully pulled back 2 rows of stitches and then started binding off as loose as I could possible make it and it looked TERRIBLE!  So, now I have to remake the freakin’ hat.  This totally sucks because I am working on my Christmas and July project and now won’t be able to finish that dern thing because of it. AARGH!


Gratuitous Pics of Calvin and Frank E.

The Boys

The Boys

Happy Frank E. with the Mittens         Solemn Frank E. with the Mittens

Happy Frank E and the Mittens                                           Solemn Frank E with the Mittens

Calvin the Sun God

Calvin the Sun God

 Frank E in the Freak Snow Storm

Frank E in the Freak Snow Storm

Christmas in July

My LNS is having a Christmas In July contest.  You pick a project and have to start and finish in the month of July.  If you complete your project then you are entered into a drawing for a gift certificate.  I picked the Mac and Me shawl in Laines du Nord Mulberry Silk for my project.  Shoot me now, but I have that long trip to Branson to work on it during.  Here is a pic of the pattern and yarn:

Mac & Me Shawl

Socks For the Feet and Club

I have decided that starting with my mom in August everyone will receive a pair of socks for their birthday.  I love knitting socks and most people love them once they are on.  I have one of the socks for my mother finished (the other is a Branson project through and through), but I was waiting for the Blue Sky Alpaca DPN’s to come in, so I started on the pattern for my sister in Koigu.

 I used the Knitty pattern Crusoe.  It is a stranded sock pattern, get it?!?!?!?!  Unfortunately I did not swatch until I was thinking wow this looks really small and then I found I was getting 7 stitches to the inch instead of 6.  So, now I am rooting around trying to find size 2s in the Blue Sky Alpaca and will probably have to end up ordering them online…doh!  They were turning out beautiful and they were a true pleasure to knit, so it will not be a problem to cast back on for them.

Koigu - Crusoe Pattern

I also went on a sock yarn buying binge online (dang those Lime and Violet girls) and I order Koigu, Socks that Rock (why hasn’t USPS delivered them to me yet?) and some fabulous Lisa Souza Yarn (www.lisasouza.com) .  Here are the pics of the Souza yarn:

Lisa Souza Sock Yarn

For years I have been trying to find a good gift for my dad that he will actually use and not just put in a drawer and never think of, i.e. the golf ball monagrammer, the plain, initialed money clip, etc.  I think I may have found the pattern though:

Golf Club Pattern

I am going to even ask him colors and if he wants the number of the iron on his clubs.  My aunt, whose husband also plays golf, said no way, the big thing now is to have your initial on them.  Will do what he asks, because I am going for usage, not surprise.

Mario, Sweet Mario

I have been dogsitting my cousin Julie’s dog, Mario, this week.  He is a black cockapoo and is completely adorable.  When we had our first adventure in dogsitting with Mario for just a night he came to the house scared to death of dogs and by the next morning he was sitting on his heels like a trained circus poodle and batting Calvin in the face.  Needless to say he has come a long way!


He has been a great dog for me and he is loving coming to the office.  He has taken the Taco Bell dogs hostage and is refusing to let anyone else play with them and he loves it when they talk to him.  May have to end up giving those to Julie.

Dishcloth Swap – Received

I received 2 beautious dishcloths from Miss Vicki for a Dishcloth swap we participated in at Craftster. 

It was funny enough to open the package and find out that we both made the same slipped stitch dishcloth, but it was even funnier when this was mentioned to Miss Vicki, she said that she had planned on making Criminy Jickets’ Gaterlac dishcloth as well.  The one she made instead is absolutely awesome! 

It is a gorgeous circular dishcloth that is now gracing my coaster at the office.  Everyon who sees it comments on the color and design.  This is a swap that I was happy to participate in and thrilled with the partner I received.  Miss Vicki and I seem to have a lot of the same interests and I love swapping with people from other countries (she lives in Australia). 

Behold these beauties:

Both Dishcloths

Detailed view of the individual dishcloths:

Slip Stitch Dishcloth     Circular Dishcloth 


Do I Remember How to Do This?

I have been away from blogging for a really long time and I need to get back to it, so I am renewing my commitment to blogging at least 2x a week, not counting fun posts. 

 Here is a video of talent night at Gordon College.  This guy does a live action performance of the first level of the original Super Mario Brothers game.  Awesome and nostalgic, could it get any better?

Trivia Wednesday

I am such a trivia freak I think I am going to start posting some trivia each Wednesday.  Here is this week’s dose:

 1.  “Spermaphobia” isn’t what you think.  It’s the fear of germs.

2.  In truth, the “low man” on the totem pole is actually the most important man in the tribe.

3.  The phrase “ball to the wall” probably doesn’t refer to what you think it does.  It orginated with pilots.  It refers to the ball-shaped grip on the end of a pilot’s throttle.  Pushing the throttle (the ball) toward the wall (the cockpit) meant to go fast.

4.  Dry ice doesn’t melt.  It sublimates.

5.  You might be surprised to learn that Americans visit libraries 3.5 billion times a year – three times as often as the movies.

6.  Statistically speaking, the job of pizza delivery driver is a more dangerous job than that of fire fighting.

7.  Tempura isn’t a Japanese word, nor is it a native Japanese dish.  It’s Portuguese.

8.  Diamonds are not the most valuable gems.  Rubies are.

9.  People in the time of Columbus did not believe the world was flat.  Not since the days of Greece had anyone thought that.

10.  Wedding cake wasn’t always eaten by the bride and groom.  Originally, it was thrown at them.

11.  You might be surprised to learn that a Catholic priest can be married – as long as the marriage takes place before ordination.

12.  Not all cats react to catnip.  The reaction is inherited – some cats are totally unaffected by it.

13.  World hunger isn’t caused by a shortage of food.  If everyone received a fair share of the food being produced worldwide, each person would have about 4.3 pounds of meat, grain, fruits and vegetables every day.

14.  Coffee beans aren’t naturally flavorful.  They have no taste until they are roasted.

15.  Many mistakenly believe that the Gutenberg bible was the first printed book. However, the Chinese were printing with moveable type centuries earlier.

16.  “Golden apples” in Greek mythology weren’t apples.  They were apricots.

17.  People didn’t always put their hand over their heart during the Pledge of Allegiance.  The pledge was first given with the arm outstretched in front, palm slightly up.  Since that gesture resembled the Hitler salute, Congress changed it during WWII to the arm across the chest.

18.  It might surprise you to know that you are far more likely to get a cold by shaking hands than from kissing.

19.  Forget what you have heard.  There is no scientific proof that cedar chests deter insects.

20.  During the time of King Henry VIII, knitting was the speciality of men, not women.

21.  Most people incorrectly believe that bees are solely responsible for fertilizing flowers, but actually flies (60,000 species of them) fertilize 80% of all flowers.

22.  The names we know for the Marx brothers weren’t their real names.  Their real names were Leonard (Chico), Herbert (Zeppo), Julius (Groucho) and Arthur (Harpo).

23.  Although it’s widely accepted as fact, slaves didn’t build the Egyptian pyramids.  In truth, local farmers were drafted into service at certain times of the year when the Nile flooded (and farming was impossible anyway).  Workers were paid.

24.  Contrary to popular belief, Man is not the world’s largest polluter.  A single volcanic eruption causes many, many times more atmosphere-depleting pollution than we have throughout human history.

25.  Francis Scott Key, the man who wrote “The Star Spangled Banner,” wasn’t a songwriter – he was a lawyer.  And he didn’t write the music, just the lyrics – the music was actually an old drinking song).

26.  Cold showers actually increase sexual arousal, despite what is commonly believed.

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