Do I Remember How to Do This?

I have been away from blogging for a really long time and I need to get back to it, so I am renewing my commitment to blogging at least 2x a week, not counting fun posts. 

 Here is a video of talent night at Gordon College.  This guy does a live action performance of the first level of the original Super Mario Brothers game.  Awesome and nostalgic, could it get any better?


Laughing Baby

This is a great video that always makes me smile!  I love this baby’s laugh.

Barenaked Ladies and YouTube!

This is a video of various people from YouTube singing the Barenaked Ladies song Sound of your Voice.  I guess it is a sign of my YouTube addiction when I can watch a video like this and pretty much be able to name everyone in it!  Can you? 

This is one of my favorite Barats and Bereta videos…CUBICLE WAR 2006!

Father’s Love and Ameritech

I was watching this video on YouTube and the little girl in this looks just like my cousin’s daughter.  Dead ringer!  It reminds me of my dad though because he used to sit through my sister Hillary doing his hair into all sorts of wild designs during her ‘I wanna be a hairdresser days’.  One time he kinda looked like Hellraiser because she had taken his hair and pulled about 25 strands of hair together and put a small rubber band on it…all over his head…I wish we could find that pic.

The next one is part of Ameriquest’s ‘We won’t judge’ campaign.  It is hysterical because you can totally see how this sort of thing would happen.  The best part though is the voice over of the man saying ‘I’m her daddy’…Classic!


Rick and Dick Hoyt

Today show, December 26th, 2006, Heroes Segment


Video of Rick and Dick Hoyt set to “I can only imagine” by MercyMe

I get tears in my eyes everytime I watch these videos…their story is truly, truly inspirational.  I first heard of them when they were on the Oprah show and I have thought of them often since then.  Whenever I face adversity I always think of them and what they are able to do with the help of each other.