July 4th Surprise

I am at my parents house and I decide that I will run out to the car to check on that yarn that I bought to make myself a fair isle hot water bottle cover that my mom has now decided to make for me for Christmas (got that?).  I noticed when I got out to my car that the glove box and console had been torn through and everything left on the seats.  I went back inside and asked who had gone through my car and not put everything back.  Judging from the blank stares I was getting I put my money on no one and went back outside.  Upon a closer examination the dashboard console had been popped off and someone had tried to get my stereo, but didn’t succeed.

 WTF?!?!?!?!  This is supposedly a safe neighborhood.  All night long I thought of stuff I was missing and came up with about $1,300 in missing items.  They even took my brand new Mason Dixon Buttonhole bag and I hadn’t even gotten a picture.  Now I don’t even have a camera so there wouldn’t be a pic forthcoming anyway.

 The only funny side to this whole incident was when the Prospect police came out and when I told them it was a handknit bag the officer proceeding in asking all sorts of technical knitting questions since his wife knits.  Was it made of wool, felted and/or worsted weight?  His partner was looking at him as though he was crazy!  It was hilarious.

This whole incident really burned my biscuits!