CNA Exam

Today was a lot of fun (please sense the complete sarcasm I have infused into this sentence!)  I went back for the second time to take my CNA exam.  Last Tuesday I went and took my written exam (piece of cake) and skills test.  The first four skills were a piece of cake, but the fifth one was a disaster. 

It was vital skills, specifically blood pressure.  When it came my turn to do the skill, the lady who was doing it got up for a bathroom break and her boss sat down.  When I was doing the skill I was freakin’ out because I couldn’t hear a single thing!  I asked to re-do it (you can do it twice) and still I could hear nothing!  I mentioned it to my the instructor and she pish-poshed me as she could hear FINE on her side.  So, I had to guess.  It was a semi-intelligent guess since the person whose blood pressure I was taking had a regular and firm beat and the needle jumped like crazy.  However, I didn’t think I got within the required 6 mmHg to pass.  Out in the hallway I ran into another instructor and told her what had happened, she said ‘well it happens’.  Not to me it doesn’t!  So, I went down to take the written portion and during the middle of it the proctor dropped a piece of paper on my desk telling me to see Sarah (the one I spoke with in the hall) after I was done.  I finished up and went to find her.  Turns out the equipment had come apart slightly when it switched from instructor to instructor…something she could have easily seen if she had bothered to look.

Ready to explode!

Anyhoo, they told me to come back today and I would be able to retake it (I couldn’t do it again that day because I might upset their boss (seriously, this is the explanation they gave me)).  I go in today and do the skill and then another nurse comes in and says ‘oh, you didn’t have to come in, you got it right the first time.’ 

So, let me get this straight.  Your boss screws up and I have to guess after she basically calls me an inept fool.  I complain and no one does anything about it until it is proven that the equipment is faulty, because they listened to someone else.  I am told to come in a week later (delaying my scores) so as not to upset the igmo that wouldn’t listen to me in the first place.  When I come the next week (having to leave work early and brave freezing cold rain) I am told my guess was right…wtf…couldn’t someone have told me last week by looking at the form, since it was their goof?!?!?!?!

To look on the bright side at least I know I passed.  Three weeks from now I will hopefully be able to apply for some PRN work to get some experience to be able to get a hospital position worth having.  What an ordeal though!  Hopefully all clinical testings will not be like this!

Tomorrow is entrelac class, so that is something to look forward to…I want that hat!