Gratuitous Pics of Calvin and Frank E.

The Boys

The Boys

Happy Frank E. with the Mittens         Solemn Frank E. with the Mittens

Happy Frank E and the Mittens                                           Solemn Frank E with the Mittens

Calvin the Sun God

Calvin the Sun God

 Frank E in the Freak Snow Storm

Frank E in the Freak Snow Storm


Mario, Sweet Mario

I have been dogsitting my cousin Julie’s dog, Mario, this week.  He is a black cockapoo and is completely adorable.  When we had our first adventure in dogsitting with Mario for just a night he came to the house scared to death of dogs and by the next morning he was sitting on his heels like a trained circus poodle and batting Calvin in the face.  Needless to say he has come a long way!


He has been a great dog for me and he is loving coming to the office.  He has taken the Taco Bell dogs hostage and is refusing to let anyone else play with them and he loves it when they talk to him.  May have to end up giving those to Julie.

First post and it’s a hodge podge of things!

It has been a busy week, between school and my CNA exam and I am so glad it is almost over.  I thought I would share some pictures that I just downloaded off of my camera with everyone!

A couple of weeks ago, I was at the office and I heard the loud and unmistakeable sound of cloth ripping.  As I run out into the hallway I am praying that my 2 dogs, which come to work with me every day, have not ripped the cloth right off the cube wall during their play.  When I get out there this is what I see:

Calvin and 'The Fluff Incident'

Calvin and Frank E. have ripped apart their favorite new toy (I only got it for $1, so it wasn’t a heartbreaker that it was new!).  Frank E. must have heard me coming and ran into Laurie’s cube to hide, but Calvin decided to act guileless and sit serenely in the middle of all this chaos with an innocent look.  However, the fuzz stuck to the muzzle is quite classic!  I included a pic of Frank E. simply because he is so cute…just wish I could get a pic of him without devil eyes!

Frank E. - Gratuitous Pic

 Here is the scarf that I just finished up for my sister, Melissa, birthday!  She lives in Massachusetts, so I thought she would love the warmth of this scarf.  It was knit with Brown Sheep’s Burly Spun in Strawberry Patch.  I love this yarn!  I was in my LYS, taking the first class of my sock knitting class (have to post the pics of that tomorrow) and we were commenting on what this yarn must look like knit up and wouldn’t you know it someone walked in with a questions about a project using this yarn!  If that wasn’t a sign for me to get it I don’t know what was.  The other lady I was talking with about the yarn picked up a blue/green one and is making a felted rug out of it…can’t wait to see how that turns out!

Mel's B-Day Scarf         Entrelac Noro Silk Garden Hat   

The hat that is on the right is the one I am taking a class to learn to knit.  It is an entrelac hat done in Noro Silk Garden.  I have been dying to try out this yarn, but not quite sure what I would do with it…I am thinking a Christmas set for my sis Mel again…for some reason this yarn done in entrelac is reminding me of her!

Well, I had better be going to Math class ;x, but before I go, enjoy these three pics of Jenny (my cousin) and Carson and Collin (my cousin’s children).  This pics were taken on the car ride up to the Newport Aquarium near Cincinatti right after Carson and Collin’s baby sister, Cameran, was born!

Carson and Jenny     Jenny     Collin