My Cats

This week has been tulmultous to say the least!  I finally started nursing school and while I am so happy that this time has come it was a little shocking.  I have finally come to realize there is no way that I will be able to work 40 hours a week and be able to get through nursing school maintaining the level of learning I would like.  With that being said I am moving back in with my parents!

This is going to be quite a change for everyone involved, especially my little sister Hillary since I will be sharing her floor of the house.  I think it will work out though and it will definitely save me some stressing over the next two years. 

The sad part is that I will be leaving my wonderful house (the one I just put a huge garden in of course!) and I will be unable to take my 2 fabulous cats with me.  Milo and Nola will have to be going to a new home which really upsets me because they are wonderful, wonderful cats.  Everything bad you have ever heard about cats does not apply to them.  Both of them greet me at the back door every time I come home and actually want to be touched by people.  They love little kids and adore my dogs (just ask Frank!).  I will be looking for a new home for them and I am kinda picky about where they go for the following reasons:

1.  I want them to go to a new home together because they are very tightly bonded.

2.  The house doesn’t have to have a dog, but if it does I need to know that the dog likes cats because these two have absolutely no fear of dogs.

3.  I want to know that if there are ever any problems then the new owners will call me and give them back to me rather than taking them to the pound or putting them outside.

The cats will come with all of their shots updated, two litter boxes, toys, cat palace and outdoor toy.  If you or someone you know are interested in my cats please let me know.  Here are some pictures of them:


Milo – He is the bigger cat of the two and I would estimate he weighs around 11 pounds.  He believes that he is a dog in his heart and greets me at the back door every day when I come home.  Milo loves to sleep near the foot of the bed at night.  He adores all of the kids in the neighborhood and loves playing with his toys.


Nola – She is the much smaller of the bunch weighing only about 4 pounds.  Nola is much more introspective that Milo.  She loves to lay in her cat tree and look out the window or even more to be in her cat pen in the backyard listening to everything.  However, with saying all that she loves humans once she gets to know them.  She greets me each day at the door and loves a quick cuddle.  She sleeps each night with my lab Frank.  She also likes to be held and will play with toys when thrown by the neighborhood children.

If you are interested in Milo and Nola please let me know!