Dishcloth Swap – Received

I received 2 beautious dishcloths from Miss Vicki for a Dishcloth swap we participated in at Craftster. 

It was funny enough to open the package and find out that we both made the same slipped stitch dishcloth, but it was even funnier when this was mentioned to Miss Vicki, she said that she had planned on making Criminy Jickets’ Gaterlac dishcloth as well.  The one she made instead is absolutely awesome! 

It is a gorgeous circular dishcloth that is now gracing my coaster at the office.  Everyon who sees it comments on the color and design.  This is a swap that I was happy to participate in and thrilled with the partner I received.  Miss Vicki and I seem to have a lot of the same interests and I love swapping with people from other countries (she lives in Australia). 

Behold these beauties:

Both Dishcloths

Detailed view of the individual dishcloths:

Slip Stitch Dishcloth     Circular Dishcloth 



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