Civil War Shawl

I have joined a KAL for the Civil War Shawl…we are starting on March 1st.  I finally received the color cards (all that freakin’ snow in OH held it up!) and I wasn’t too pleased with it (pretty, just wasn’t what I was looking for), so off to my LYS I went!  I found some gorgeous lace weight yarn…Jagger Spun in Zephyr.  I picked a beautiful wine colored red called Mahogany.  As soon as I saw it I knew this was the color I needed to make this shawl in.  The only bad thing is that they have to order it because I need so many balls of the right color lot, so it could be anywhere from 2 weeks to a month before I get it, so I will prolly be starting the KAL late! 

The only bright side is that my mother decided (without any prodding from me…I swear!) to make the shawl with me.  She picked Zephyr in Ebony.  She loves the shawl, but the length of the pattern was scaring her…however, she did get over that!

Here are some pics of the gorgeous shawl!

Detail of Shawl   Shawl


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