Laughing Baby

This is a great video that always makes me smile!  I love this baby’s laugh.


Barenaked Ladies and YouTube!

This is a video of various people from YouTube singing the Barenaked Ladies song Sound of your Voice.  I guess it is a sign of my YouTube addiction when I can watch a video like this and pretty much be able to name everyone in it!  Can you? 

This is one of my favorite Barats and Bereta videos…CUBICLE WAR 2006!

2nd class of Entrelac hat

I finally know how to read an Entrelac pattern.  Now that I know how to do it I can’t believe I couldn’t pick it up on my own…when I start something new I need the knitting under supervision time.  I am on the 2nd row of diamonds and moving all along…this weekend Hilly is coming home, so I will have some quality knitting time.

Entrelac - 2nd class

Civil War Shawl

I have joined a KAL for the Civil War Shawl…we are starting on March 1st.  I finally received the color cards (all that freakin’ snow in OH held it up!) and I wasn’t too pleased with it (pretty, just wasn’t what I was looking for), so off to my LYS I went!  I found some gorgeous lace weight yarn…Jagger Spun in Zephyr.  I picked a beautiful wine colored red called Mahogany.  As soon as I saw it I knew this was the color I needed to make this shawl in.  The only bad thing is that they have to order it because I need so many balls of the right color lot, so it could be anywhere from 2 weeks to a month before I get it, so I will prolly be starting the KAL late! 

The only bright side is that my mother decided (without any prodding from me…I swear!) to make the shawl with me.  She picked Zephyr in Ebony.  She loves the shawl, but the length of the pattern was scaring her…however, she did get over that!

Here are some pics of the gorgeous shawl!

Detail of Shawl   Shawl

Cabled Purse

Ok, so by now you have figured out I am taking a ton of classes!  I am, but there is a reason for this madness.  I am only taking one class that isn’t online, so I am free to actually take classes!  So, I am taking a bunch…but I am loving it.

The class I am taking on Monday nights is Intro to Cabling and you make a cute cabled purse.  I have done cables before, but wasn’t quite sure if I was doing them correctly, plus I had never made a purse, so I thought what the heck…I will just take it.  I am going to make one for each of my sisters and myself as it is adorable.  Below you will see the demo that was knitted up for the shop and my progress after the first night (10 rows out of 48 required).

 Cabled Purse Demo   Cabled Purse - 10 rows

I picked a hot pink color in Lamb Pride’s Bulky and I am positive it is for one of my sister’s, just not sure which one as I think they will both like it.  I am almost a 1/4 of the way through the pattern and mine is really small compared to the demo…I think I am going to have to do an extra 2 repeats of the pattern to make up for it!  Dang me for being such a tight knitter.

Turned the heel!

Tonight I had my second sock class (a month late after I mistakenly wrote in my calendar that it was once a month *doh*).  We learned how to turn a heel…don’t think I could have gotten through it without Kristin.  Probably would have done the cuff thinking this is so bad, looked at the first row of heel directions and said FROG THIS and thrown it away.  However, I think I did a pretty good job.  One problem though, I am such a tight knitter my sock looks more suited for a teenager than an adult…mine is about 2/3 the size of everyone else in the class.  Didn’t know you had to swatch socks!

Turned my first heel!

Father’s Love and Ameritech

I was watching this video on YouTube and the little girl in this looks just like my cousin’s daughter.  Dead ringer!  It reminds me of my dad though because he used to sit through my sister Hillary doing his hair into all sorts of wild designs during her ‘I wanna be a hairdresser days’.  One time he kinda looked like Hellraiser because she had taken his hair and pulled about 25 strands of hair together and put a small rubber band on it…all over his head…I wish we could find that pic.

The next one is part of Ameriquest’s ‘We won’t judge’ campaign.  It is hysterical because you can totally see how this sort of thing would happen.  The best part though is the voice over of the man saying ‘I’m her daddy’…Classic!


2 new yarns!

During my last trip to my LNS I picked up 2 new yarns. 

 The first was Debbie Bliss’s Cashmerino Superchunky in a deep ruby red (Color # 11).  I am going to use this to make the Besotted Scarf as soon as I am sure I know how to do cables correctly.  I love this scarf and this looks like it is going to be the perfect yarn for this project…love it when that happens! 

Cashmerino Aran #11     Besotted Scarf

The second yarn I purchased was Euroflax by Louet in charcoal.  It is a sportweight made of 100% wet spun linen.   I bought if for using in my monthly bookmark KAL.  It has a wonderfully waxy finish on it that I think will work beautifully with a bookmark!  If not I have no idea what I am going to use it for, but I will think of something!

Euroflax in Charcoal

Entrelac Hat in Noro Silk

Last night was the first night of my LNSs class on the Entrelac hat (shown in first post) in Noro Silk Garden.  This yarn is gorgeous!  I picked the color shown in the hat below (87) and my mother picked a beautiful combo of blue, pink, red, and warm brown (233).  This was my mother’s first recent attempt to do anything beyond dishcloths and she did fabulous!  I thought I would post the progress I made after the first class…basically all I achieved was the band, but the colors are so gorgeous I had to share!

1st class of Entrelac hat.

Double Knitting Disaster!

So, I tried to work on my double knitting and I have no idea what I am doing!  I think part of the problem is that I really have no idea how everything will fit together in the end, so it is just looking really messed up to me!  When I finally do get around to starting the scarf for my sister, I think I will park my butt at my LNS and be begging for help!


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